Email Solutions

Email hosting, Email Migration, Email Setup and Data Backup.

If you are frustrated due to your important business emails landing in spam or junk folder of the receiver and loosing business due to it. Switch to Microsoft office 365 or exchange email account.

Email Solutions

With Microsoft office 365 suite get cloud based webmail and all Microsoft services. Pay monthly per user account.

Get Office 365 account or Exchange cloud based platform. Our team of trained technicians will assist you in the entire process. Be it setting up your new or existing email account on email client like Outlook or Mac Mail or any other, or smart phones; be it Data backup or Data recovery; migrate from free webmail to your own business email account. We have a wide range of email solutions. Call us now: +44 (0)20 8638 0786.

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Key Features

Email Migration

If you are using free webmail and now want to upgrade and get a proffessional email address. Office 365 is a cloud based email solution and at the same time you get access to complete office suite. Even if you have an email account or a part of an organisation and want to upgrade to office 365. We will provide you the complete solution from backing up your existing email boxes and migrating it on to the new server.

Email Setup On Email Client

If you need assistance to setup emails on any email client. Our trained team of technicians can assist you with it. One of our technician can remotely take control of your PC/Mac and can set up your emails on email client.

Email Setup On Smart Phones

For all enterprenuers and SME's who want to stay connected with their business even on run. It is best to setup emails on the smart phone. If this sounds too technical to you, just contact Dhalco Web Solutions's technical support and one of our trained technician will help you with the entire setup.

Data Backup & Data Recovery

With office suite you also get one drive which is cloud based data storage service. We can setup the automatic backup of your PC/Mac on one drive. So, even if your computer crashes you will have all your data backedup

If your PC has suddenly crashed and you have lost all your important files or pictures. We can assist you recover the data.

Our Plans

These are monthly price plans to help with cash-flow and budgets.


Sign up
  • Migration of 1 email account
  • Email account setup on email client
  • Email account setup on Smart Phone


Sign up
  • Migration of 2-5 email accounts
  • Email setup on email client
  • Email setup on Smart Phone

Monthly Contract£30

Sign up
  • Migration of 1 email account
  • Email setup on email client
  • Email setup on Smart Phone
  • 2 hrs of support every month
Note: Microsoft office 365 account charges extra per month